Creating a new mission and preparing to re-open the Facebook group isn't the only work we've been doing in the past few months.

Since the inception of Real LIfe in 2015 the core team has been just 2 people - myself and Erika. We managed to pull off a conference that really connected with people, but there was so much more we wanted to accomplish. After two years of working beyond our capacity, Erika realized if we really wanted to grow - we were going to need to expand our team. So today, after weeks of collaboration, it is with great joy I officially introduce Mary Moore. Along with being obsessed with Karaoke, Mary is excited to take on the important role of Communications Director and to participate in our purposeful community building.

Serving our online community is something we have always valued, but we haven't had the resources or knowledge to get it done.  This is where Mary fits in. She will gather and curate all of the content for our community. We have many hopes for this content - that it will educate, inspire and challenge our members. It will offer our community a platform to guide the dialogue through diverse perspectives.  It will allow us to connect with each other online and translate those connections into in real life experiences. Mary now runs the Real Life Blog, newsletter and Instagram account, and more importantly, she'll be the community connection for anyone who wants to use that platform to share an idea or message. You'll also find communication from our team will be more thoughtful, and consistent (no more 4 month newsletter breaks). 

We now have the opportunity to be more intentional about the growth of the Real Life Conference and Community moving forward. Erika & I have space to put energy in other places that need attention. I am now spending more time on the conference planning, ensuring that the content, and the experience as a whole is better than ever before. Erika is focusing on creating partnerships in the photography industry that will serve our Real Life Community.

I also want to tell you personally how excited I am to have Mary on board. Erika travels all year long, and that can make planning this event overwhelming, and a bit lonely. Since Mary has joined our team, we have been moving forward in such a clear deliberate way. Erika and I can both be a bit haphazard, and Mary's commitment to slowing down, and considering our actions, has been an enormous asset. I can tell you now that our Real Life Facebook page would have never reopened without her efforts.

So please join me in warmly welcoming Mary to the Real Life team, we are genuinely so lucky to have you.


Photo of Mary Moore singing 'Enter SAndMan' By Erika Mann at real life 2016

Photo of Mary Moore singing 'Enter SAndMan' By Erika Mann at real life 2016

Callandra Caufield