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Courtney Zerizef / 2018 Speaker Series

"I really love talking about finance now, but it didn't always used to be like that. I started my photography business 6 years ago and when I started I felt like there was no help." - Courtney Zerizef

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To kick off our 2018 Speaker Series we speak with ourtney Zerizef the founder of Homeroom. Callandra and Courtney talk about the mindset surrounding money as a photographer, some financial myths, and how to get financial systems in place.

Courtney loves talking money. She began as a photographer which led her to pursue an MBA which she proudly completed late last year. Now, she works with creative professionals through business education and consultation: specifically in marketing & finance strategies. Covering this huge topic, they somehow managed to keep the interview under 30 minutes.

As a bonus, Courtney's co-worker Scott also pops into the interview twice (haha by accident) so we get to hear Courtney drop an F-bomb or two. It was all very Real Life.

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