Responsible Storytelling


Daniella Zalcman / 2017 Speaker Series

"Many photographers don't consider themselves journalists or historians, and the fact is if you're going to be documenting any story, you need to understand the history behind it."  - Daniella Zalcman

AUDIO only interview

For the Real Life conference 2017 we interviewed several speakers. These interviews were released to our mailing list and with permission we are republishing them here.

In their 20 minute interview, Erika & Daniella dig into some very important topics. Colonialism in photography, responsible storytelling, and the importance of a diverse community of photographers to represent diverse stories & perspectives.  

Daniella shares a bit about her process of documenting the story of Canadian residential schools as an outsider. You can see her project here: Signs of Your Identity. They also discuss Women Photograph, an initiative Daniella launched in 2017 to elevate the voices of women* visual journalists.

Note: Erika referred to Daniella at one point during the interview as a 'documentary wedding photographer', which she's not. We felt it was important to mention this error.


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