Finding Your Niche


Oriana Koren /

2017 Speaker Series

“Too many of us are concerned with making pretty pictures, and not with the messiness that makes photographs that really speak to people" - Oriana Koren

Video Interview

Audio only interview

For the Real Life conference 2017 we interviewed several speakers. These interviews were released to our mailing list and with permission we are thrilled to republish them here.

Oriana Koren started their photography career in the wedding industry in Chicago, a city they describe as "one of the most segregated" in America.  Oriana talks to us about how the racism they experienced impacted them both personally and professionally. They also discuss how they made a shift to start sharing images of a community that was missing from wedding portfolios at that time. 

Finally Oriana shares with us how they found their unique niche, and how we need to move beyond just pretty pictures. 

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