Our List of Inclusive Blogs

"I stopped contributing to blogs long ago, they all look the same." We hear this all the time. The question that usually follows is, "What blogs should I support?" So, with a collaborative effort the Real Life community helped us compile a list of inclusive blogs and publications, several of them are run by our very own members.

Before you read our list, we highly recommend you head over to Catalyst Wedding Co. and read their community post People Are Not Props // How to Avoid Tokenism in Your Portfolio, which explains the difference between Inclusion vs Tokenism (it's important, pause now and go read!)

So, now that you've educated yourself on how to identify an inclusive blog or publication, there are a few things you can do to support and raise these platforms up: 

  1. Read their guidelines and submit your photographs when they fit those guidelines.
  2. If it fits your marketing plan, spend a portion of your marketing budget on advertisements within these platforms.
  3. Engage with and share their work on social media.

Without further ado here is our first crack at a big list of inclusive blogs...

Tea & Bannock

Tea & Bannock is co-founded by one of the 2018 Real Life Conference speakers, Tenille Campbell. The purpose of this blog is:

“Indigenous women, holding each other up. Visual artists, supporting each other. A safe place to talk about the work, interpretation and inspiration behind projects. A place that reminds us of sitting at home around the kitchen table, with tea & bannock.” 

This isn't strictly a photography blog, but the essays are a wonderful read. 

How to apply to be a guest blogger click here

How to best support Tea & Bannock - Tenille suggests you share posts and why you connect to them, “personal is always best.”

Catalyst Wedding Co. “Love, sex, and marriage for woke folk”

Catalyst has a pretty clear mission:

“Our aspiration is to increase diverse representation in wedding media and to engage in critical dialogue about love, sex, marriage, and weddings. We seek to empower our community of readers and business owners to bring race, gender, sexuality, class, bodies, and more into the conversation. Why It Matters: Catalyst applies feminist values in three ways: diversifying representation, challenging gendered roles, and standing for equal rights.”

Not only does the blog feature lots of inclusive real weddings, it's also filled with important education for the wedding and photography professional. 

Where to submit - click here

How to best support Catalyst Wedding Co. - Jen from Catalyst suggests if it fits your marketing strategy (and theirs), buy ads. You can also support through submissions, or by donating here.

Figs and Cocoa

Figs and Cocoa is a brand new blog created by a Real Life Community member, Sabrina Guyton.

“Figs & Cocoa started in 2/2018 with the goal to feature and publish professional portraiture featuring people of color. In a world where diversity matters, F&C lives to celebrate that by displaying families, maternity, children, newborns come in all shades and colors like those with melanin. Our goal is to change the narrative in terms of the definition of family when visually searched for and give a platform for them to exist without being buried by the default standard portrayed in mainstream media. Figs & Cocoa hopes to become a popular online magazine and educational platform and supportive community for photographers worldwide.”

Where to submit click here

How to best support Figs & Cocoa Share and share some more! From Sabrina: ”Right now, spreading the word is all I can ask for. Tagging on Instagram with #figsandcocoa, sharing anything on the Facebook to others, talking about it, just getting it out there. More attention brought to the page gives more exposure to those photographers who submitted this work and how they can be found. Give other families the visibility they deserve and potentially give another family a reason to hire a photographer.”

Body Undefined

Body Undefined is the work of another Real Life Community member, Toni Black. It's so new, it hasn’t officially launched yet, but you can get a taste of this blog on Instagram. Toni describes Body Undefined as: 

“a place where your body is celebrated regardless of it's color, shape or gender. Your body is undefined, so why let someone else try to define it for you? Each curve, freckle, wrinkle, color and crease tells a story... come tell your body's story." 

Yes! We're so excited to see this blog live in the near future. 

Where to submit - click here

How to best support Body Undefined - As soon as this blog is launched, we'll be sure to update!

Toffee & Honey | First Issue

Toffee & Honey is a beautiful online publication created by Real Life Community Member Tomayia Colvin. The Inaugural issue, "Boudoir & Body Positivity" was released in April 2018.  

"Toffee & Honey is a digital magazine published by Tomayia Colvin Education. Tomayia Colvin Education, an online photography community created to empower photographers of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and be a safe haven for inclusion and diversity."

Where to submit - click here to see the submission video via Two Bright Lights

How to best support Toffee & Honey - Toffee & Honey Facebook will be sharing ways you can contribute & support. 

Pretty Pear Bride

"Pretty Pear Bride was started as a site where plus size brides can find bridal inspiration that THEY long for. So many people planning their weddings struggle with finding inspiration that includes images that look like them.  Everyone wants to see people that look like them, doing what they are trying to do because it allows them to envision that they can be just as glamorous and gorgeous as they imagined. So the mission was clear: merge a love for blogging and wedding planning with creating a place for plus sized brides to see themselves in wedding inspiration."

Where to submit - click here

Maharani Weddings

"Maharani Weddings reaches over 800,000 Indian brides and bridal enthusiasts each month through the MaharaniWeddings.com website and social media channels. Each day, the editorial team at MaharaniWeddings.com publishes 20 to 25 pieces of original content focusing on trends, Indian Wedding ideas, and real weddings. ...Aside from the jewelry and show-stopping fashions, South Asian weddings are so special because of the incredible connection between families and communities."

Where to submit - click here

Equally Wed

"Launched in 2010 to showcase gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and queer weddings to validate the relationships that traditional bridal magazines wouldn’t show. We were born out of the need to command visibility for our authentic love, and the need isn’t over. We’re a digital magazine for wedding inspiration and information, as well as a vociferous and creative voice in the marriage equality movement. Add your voice by submitting your story. You are an important part of this community!"

Where to submit click here

We couldn't stop, so here are even more blogs and publications to check out...

A special thanks to community member Kelly Giardina, who shared many of the blogs on this list with us.

Black Bride
MunaMedia Group
Rock 'n Roll Bride
A Practical Wedding
Moment Junkie
The Coordinated Bride
Black Bridal Bliss
Be Inspired Magazine
Chic Brown Bride
Black Southern Belle
Two Birds Nest
h&h weddings
For Real
South Asian Bride Magazine
Mandala Weddings
f*ck yeah gay weddings (this blog will be closing soon, but for now, there's lots of great inspiration)

If there is a blog you'd like us to add to this list, please let us know at hello@reallifeconference.com

Blog image by Jenn Nauss of Cooked Photography featuring Nadya Kwandibens of Red Works a Real Life 2017 Speaker and contributor to Tea & Bannock

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