People, Not Subjects

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Lynn Johnson 


2017 Speaker Series

"I never think of the person on the other side of the camera as a subject. That, for me, is the first step. The language that we use to name the people that we work with and document is a critical one. So anything we do to dehumanize is the wrong path." - Lynn Johnson

Video Interview

Audio only interview

For the Real Life Conference 2017 we interviewed several speakers. These interviews were released to our mailing list and with permission we are thrilled to republish them here.

Lynn Johnson is a National Geographic photographer who strives to communicate more deeply with the people she photographs. Throughout her 40 year long photography career, Lynn has photographed soldiers affected by 'blast force', women in Africa who struggle each day to find water, poor populations affected by disease and much more.  We highly encourage you to spend some time exploring her work.

In their 2017 speaker interview, Erika Mann asks Lynn about her approach to photographing in situations of moral ambiguity, a topic we know many photographers struggle with. Lynn also shares how confidence may be helpful to do this work, but not ego. This speaker interview is truly a must listen.

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