Real Life Mission - Five Pillars 

Initiate and guide the dialogues on women and marginalized groups in photography
Starting a dialogue on a hard topic isn’t easy. Which is exactly why it’s essential that it is done. We aim to push progress for diversity in photography and elevate women and marginalized photographers voices.

Prioritize in person connections including a yearly conference, world wide events and mentorships
If every woman helped just one other woman, we would be that much closer to breaking the cycle of inequality. The value of in-person connections, mentorships, and events is immeasurable. And because of that, it’s vital.

Serve the greater good through photography
Rolling up sleeves, digging in, creating tools, inspiring others, working together. These are the tenets of this community. Strong as one. Stronger together.

Choose courage over comfort and challenge inner bias
Facing oneself is hard and can be painful but the opportunity for tremendous growth is worth the effort. With compassion we respectfully challenge ourselves and meet others where they are.

Grow and learn as artists, business people, and humans
Creating a safe space to learn and grow is an invaluable tool. Encouraging women to be artists and entrepreneurs is a win for everyone.


Image by: Jody Goodwin