The conference ‘vibe’

Courage comes in many forms. Hugs in place of handshakes, tears instead of tissues, and smiles showcasing strength.

It’s when your goosebumps are felt by every person in the room, in a unison-embracing moment of knowing you’re exactly where you need to be.

Real Life is often described as indescribable or life changing. There is no other conference built on the intention of sisterhood that lives what it preaches, stands shoulder-to-shoulder being the space where women uphold their peers and champion each other’s voices.

It’s honesty. It’s when a speaker shares a secret fear in front of everyone. That bravery encourages attendees to grab a microphone, speak in a warbled voice, and share their own struggles with a room of strangers.

It’s fellowship that connects beyond the monikers photographer, storyteller, woman, non-binary human.

When you willingly show up in your pajamas for a group pep-talk, sign up to share a meal with strangers, spend time searching for a new face to call friend, you allow yourself to break down your own barriers and invite camaraderie into your personal sphere.

This brave space chooses sisterhood as its ethos. Resiliency as its message. Hope as its memento. You can learn more about our guiding principles and the Real Life Mission - Five Pillars. Now let’s dig into it.


The learning

Creativity and Inspiration
Where do ideas come from? What can you do when you feel stuck? What processes do others use to feel inspired? 

How can you make your photography business sustainable? What tools can you use in your business? How can you present your work in a saturated market?

Social Advocacy
How can you use your business and your work to serve others? 

Have we sparked your interest? Learn more about our Speakers


The fun

We believe a really important part of your experience is having time to unwind, let your hair loose a bit, and connect with other the attendees. 

Dine Around "Group Meal" (Optional)
On the first night of the conference we invite you to join us for our opening night dine around. All you have to do is sign up and tell us a bit about the food you like. From there, we will create groups. Each group is led by one of our speakers or community leaders,  and you'll learn all about your dining companions and dinner destination the first afternoon of the conference. 

Late Night PJ Session
On the second day of the conference we host an evening PJ party session. 

Final Night Party
We're all about surprises at the Real Life Conference, so we're not going to go into too much detail about the final night party.


The food

So, perhaps it's a bit odd that we have a whole heading devoted to food, but we spend a lot of time on this element, and it is part of the experience. Portland, Oregon was named the "Best Foodie City" in the United States of America by Wallet Hub. Rated #4 most vegan-friendly city world-wide by Happy Cow. Sweet tooth? VooDoo Doughnuts is in walking distance from the conference venue ❤

Healthy + Tasty
There's nothing like hitting that afternoon energy dip, and only having cookies and pop to pick you up. It's our goal to ensure that the food we feed you helps elevate your energy and drive your creativity. Don't worry, healthy can (and will be) be delicious! 

As part of the conference we've included snacks, beverages and two lunches. We don't want you having to wait in line at some sandwich shop on your lunch break, we want you to have time to connect with other women at the conference.

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions
If have you specific allergies or a dietary restriction, don't you worry. We work with people who can handle the no gluten, no dairy, nut free, vegetarian, vegan requests :-) 

"What an incredible group of women you all are. I feel so honoured to have connected with so many of you. Thank you all for being so vulnerable and so real."

— Jennifer Moher     
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